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My name is Taylor and I'm so glad that you're here on my little corner of the internet. I am a farm wife and mama in the piedmont of NC. In addition to our traditional farming operation, Westward Farms, we operate a small venue, The Tin Room, and a small rural goods shop (online and at craft fairs), called the Old Mountain Mercantile. This little blog is my personal brand and third entity of our farm life. The name, Bushel and Peck, comes from the southern saying, "I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck." It's such a warm and homey saying, something I hope everyone feels when they read here. I hope you can imagine that we're sitting at the kitchen table, hot cup of coffee in hand, chatting about life amidst the chaos.
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After a January that felt 5 decades long, February absolutely flew by! It was a great month overall with lots of fun happenings... namely Caroline's 1st birthday! Here are some highlights for the month:



One of the first things I did when Caroline was born was downloaded the 1 Second Everyday app. It captures a 1-second clip from your day and compiles it into a video. I wasn't perfect with it and really relied on the fact that it will take video clips from live photos! You can also upload still photos, but I chose to focus on video. I would highly recommend it, especially since it is very forgiving if you're not on top of it every day. 

The song choice was strategic - I needed to find one long enough, and it just so happens that this was one of the first songs that I noticed that she enjoyed as a little baby, ha! She has good taste. Enjoy!

Natalie Myers Photography



How do you sum up the first year of motherhood? How do you put into words all the joys and fears and excitement and exhaustion of bringing a child into this world and raising them into a functioning little person that can clap and wave and blow you kisses?

I don't think you can. Motherhood has been the biggest blessing in my life and I thank God every day for gracing me with this beautiful family.

To this beautiful child of mine, happy first birthday. You are a gift to us and we love you dearly.








I cannot believe that we're coming up on Caroline's first birthday. Everyone tells you how fast it goes, but you don't really know until you're in it. 

Along with so many pictures and memories, we have amassed a great deal of stuff this past year. Being first-time parents, I feel like we tried lots of different products, were influenced to purchase even more, and now feel settled in on our favorites. It feels and sounds so naive to say, since we've only been at this parenthood thing for a year, but these are products that I would recommend for new moms creating a registry. As a bonus, I've included a few that I didn't love and wouldn't buy again.



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