Upper & Lower Falls

Over Christmas Break, Harrison, Cassie, Luke, Harrison's dad, and I went hiking at Upper & Lower Falls near Morganton. Everything was frozen. Including us.

It turned out to be an incredibly beautiful hike, though! The trail is a loop that goes to both Upper and Lower falls (hence the name) and you can start from either end. We went up to Upper Falls first, then down to Lower Falls, and back up to the parking lot. It wasn't challenging (aside from the slick patches) until everyone decided that they would rather climb straight up the mountainside rather than follow the meandering trail back up. My knees were killing me! Despite the annoyance I experienced at that detour (or shortcut, as the guys would call it) I enjoyed the exercise and scenery. We saw needle frost, which I unfortunately don't have any pictures of. It is when water under the ground freezes and pushes up out of the ground. Google it if you never seen it- it's very neat!


Harrison // Cap + Gown

There have been a lot more pictures on this little blog than words lately- which is saying a lot because there haven't even been that many pictures! One of my goals for 2018 is to write more, so hopefully we'll see some more activity coming into the new year.

I had the honor of photographing my all-time favorite subject the other day- Harrison! He usually hates when I take pictures of him, but this time he had to deal with it (via orders from his mom). I'm so proud of him and I know how hard he's worked for the past 2 years that I've known him. What he was doing the 2 years before we met... I couldn't tell ya. I can not wait to celebrate his graduation next week with him and his family.

Finally, none of this would be complete without the finest transformation Tuesday you ever did see...



Congratulations, Harrison!
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