Meet 288!

I pretty much knew all along that Harrison and I were going to get married, and that when we did I would move to Statesville. I'll write more on my thoughts on moving later, but it is both something that I just accepted and was excited for. Four years in college and away from the farm was about all Harrison could take!

Soon after we got engaged, we started thinking about where we would live. Enter 288.

Harrison's parents had a rental house that was occupied at the time, but that they would let us buy from them when the time came. After some discussion, Harrison and I determined that would be the best path for us to take... even though I had never seen the inside! We drove by it occasionally while their renters were still there and we even took some trees down ahead of time. When the renters left, I finally got to see the inside of the 1967 ranch-style brick house and I just knew that I needed to take some pictures so I could write about its transformation once we got started on it! 

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