Sierra + Sage

I had the opportunity to take some photographs of Sierra and her lease, Sage, on their last day together.

They accomplished so much during their two year partnership, including 3rd place in the Beginner Novice Rider division at the 2017 American Eventing Championships and being awarded the US Eventing Association 2017 Beginner Novice Intercollegiate Rider of the Year. Sage, whose registered name is Indian Summer Sage, a Connemara/Thoroughbred cross, won the American Connemara Pony Society's 2018 Beginner Novice Connemara Pony of the Year.

While I am so sad for Sierra that it was their time to part, I was so honored to help her capture some sweet memories of their time together.

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Weekend Recap: 11/30-12/2

We had a fantastic first weekend in December! I actually managed to remember to take some pictures, so here we go:

I kicked it off Friday by taking pictures of Sierra and Sage. Friday was Sierra's last day leasing Sage, so she wanted to capture some sweet memories. I can't wait to post my favorites from the album I sent her!

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