Favorite Cleaning Products

This is such a boring topic, but after spending some of the afternoon cleaning, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things that make my least favorite chore more bearable!

Sprayway Glass Cleaner // This is the BEST glass cleaner! It doesn't streak and lasts for forever.

Weiman Cooktop Daily Cleaner // This really helps to get any messes off your cooktop that may be burned on. I use it every time I use my stove.

Scrub Brush 

Powdered Tide // I know I'm not the only one who religiously follows @GoCleanCo on Instagram. They swear by powdered Tide and I understand why! I use it for everything now- mopping, scrubbing showers and tubs, and my laundry, too!

Pledge Multi-Surface // This is my favorite stuff to dust with. 

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner // We have stainless appliances and they get pretty dirty fairly quickly! They show a lot of fingerprints, etc., and this stuff is magic! They make wipes too but they feel greasy, so I prefer the spray.

Method Antibac Cleaner (currently unavailable) // This is my go-to countertop spray. I wipe down our kitchen counters with it every evening. For deeper cleaning and disinfecting, I use Clorox, but this is great everyday stuff.

Microfiber Cloths // The best things to clean with! You can use them with bleach and they don't stain and they really help to scrub and lift grime.

Clorox // Clorox, Tide, and hot water is the @GoCleanCo holy grail and I swear by it! (Plus, I love the clean bleach smell. Harrison hates it, so I try to use it sparingly)

Clorox Toilet Wand // Toilet brushes gross me out, so I was so excited when I found these. Disposable heads that scrub well and leave my toilets sparkling!

O Cedar Spin Mop // The most fun way to mop!

Shark Navigator Lift-Away // Shark vacuums are the BEST. I had one that was pretty old but still working great until I upgraded to this one earlier this year. It lifts so much out of my living room rug and I use it on our bare floors too. I'm always amazed by how much it picks up.


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