Let Go and Let God

From a very young age I have always been one to (let's see how to put this lightly...) not take it well when things don't go my way. If you ask my mom about games of Candy Land with 5 year old Tay, she will tell you stories of thrown gingerbread man pieces, scattered cards, and outright quitting. Kind of humorous now, but I know it wasn't funny at all then. Thanks to her and my dad, the habit of having meltdowns when my plan doesn't go through has (mostly) been broken.

I'm a planner. I try to reduce uncertainty down to almost nothing. I have a need to know what is going to happen and to control when it happens. I've never been one to go with the flow or to sit back, relax, and let things fall into place. Chalk it up to a fear of being late or forgetting something, but ultimately it's a desire to make things happen. I'm a firm believer that nothing works if you don't and I'll be darned if I'm going to work for something and then just sit back and see what happens. If I'm involved, I have to have a hand in the outcome. Planes can fly on autopilot, but they can't land themselves.

I don't think there's an area in my life that this applies to more than in relationships. People that come into your life are either a lesson or a blessing, and that is so very true for boys. Romantic relationships are hard and messy and complicated, especially in college. It's so exciting when you find someone that you get a long with really well and genuinely enjoy spending time with. You get that scary, butterfly, good feeling when you start to care about someone as more than just a small piece of your life. It's an addictive feeling, especially when they say they feel the same way. Then there comes a point where you have to decide: lesson or blessing? Pretty commonly, timing decides that for you, and man is timing the devil. So then you have to do exactly what I hate to do: let it go. Let the pieces fall where they may.

The truth is, God is preparing a man out there somewhere for you. He is preparing his heart, getting him ready for the biggest blessing of his life. God is getting you ready for the same thing. There is someone out there that was created just for you and that God has planned for you a future with. That man will be godly and honorable and trustworthy and kind. Maybe you've already met him, maybe he's The One that you think he is, maybe he hasn't walked into your life yet. Wherever he is, pray for him. Don't pray to be brought together because that will happen on God's time, not yours. Don't pray for God to give you a relationship with the boy that you like because if that's meant to be, it will be. Don't pray for what you want. Pray for God's plan to be enacted in your life. Pray for His guidance and wisdom to be set before you and to light your path.

If you are single, pray that your future husband is out there seeking God with his heart. Pray that he will continue to fight the good fight and that he will be blessed in his journey until you meet.

If you are in a relationship or are involved with a boy, pray that God will guide your heart with his plans and that you rely not on your own understanding. Pray that you are led by his wisdom, not your emotions. Pray the same for the lucky guy. Pray that your relationship honors Him and that the two of you honor each other. But don't forget to pray for your husband, too.

Let go of what you want out of a relationship, let go of trying way too hard for a boy who doesn't try for you, let go of trying to force something that has the wrong timing. Give God the reins and pray that your heart is open to Him. God's plan will result in an outcome that is infinitely better than one you could have come up with by yourself. Let Him guide your steps through love. He is perfect love and without Him, we wouldn't have a clue what love is. Let yourself learn from Him and let Him guide you to the one you are supposed to love.

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