Twenty Sixteen

Looking back, I can't find exactly what so many people are complaining about regarding 2016. It was a wonderful year for me, all-in-all. There were ups and downs, just like any year, but when I ultimately look back at it, everything that happened helped me to grow from January 1st Taylor to December 31st Taylor. My only wish for 2016 is that the people complaining about how awful it was would take a moment to count their blessings!

I started flipping through my pictures from 2016 and I was entirely overwhelmed by the blessings that I received this year, in so many different forms. Trips, friends I adore, a sweet beagle, and so much more. I picked a couple pictures from each month and compiled them into a little collage, so I can reflect back on this challenging, yet all-in-all wonderful year.


finding a cow that shares my birthday at the dairy // enjoying our last few days with sweet Callie and reminiscing on some wonderful old pictures // ringing in the 2016 with some of my favorite people


sisterhood retreat to Savannah // beautiful sunsets // AGR & SA leadership seminar in Atlanta


big little reveal (left) // wonderful times with wonderful friends


AGR formal with Harrison // the cutest kid at Farm Animal Days


important intern events with Harrison and Anthony (left) // the view of downtown - intern perks // a lovely stay at Megan's house in Kitty Hawk // mother's day


(starting top left) not getting hit by a car to take this shot // Morehead City and the Big Rock with the standard summer 2016 group // one of the many concerts of the summer // shooting clays


fireworks at the 4th of July baseball game // the Charleston waterfront with Harrison // feeding giraffes at the zoo (definitely the highlight!) // brining sweet Sailor home // dreaming of living in one of the beautiful houses in Charleston // dressed up in our Independence day best for the Mudcats game // a wonderful and challenging week running the NC 4-H horse show // another beautiful sunset at Emerald Isle


our first family photo // the pig family // lazy days on the couch with my two favorites


dove hunting - new experiences for the win! // my start of my last football season as a student // celebrating my 21st birthday


my last milk booth as a student // the best halloween costume ever - Bill Clinton + Monica Lewinsky // the NCSU horse judging team at Quarter Horse Congress // lovely fall colors in Ashe County // cheering on the Pack to a great win in Hurricane Matthew


sweet friends that have been there since freshman year // savoring the sweet piglets in my swine management class // my last football game as a student // deer hunting in Virginia with my dad // another fun visit to Churchill Downs


taking all the Christmas tree pictures // watching the pup continue to grow and learning her personality // decorating Knittel Gingerbread House Competition award-winning gingerbread houses // a visit to the Biltmore Estate with Harrison

And just for fun, Spotify made a playlist of my most-listened to songs of 2016, which I thought would be fun to share! Currently jamming out to my forgotten favorite songs...

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