Last First Day of Class

I'm writing this much later that I planned on, especially considering that I should have had it written and scheduled to post yesterday... Monday was supposed to be our first day of class, but our snow ice storm postponed that to today. So yay for a 3 day weekend!

I had my lone Tuesday class and have spent the rest of my day in the office. The class is "Techniques of Animal Care" and we basically go to all the educational units and learn how to manage the different livestock species, which I'm really looking forward to. Two of my best friends since freshman year are in it with me, so it's shaping up to be a super fun class. One of us, when we got to class, inevitably brought up that this is essentially the beginning of the end. It was my last first day of class today and it feels... anticlimactic. I'm 7/8 done with college. Knowing that the real world is waiting for me in May stresses me out just a little, but it's also really exciting.

I'm really excited for this semester, which I can already feel is shaping up to be a great one. We've already talked about so many things we have planned with my clubs and classes and also things with friends outside of school-related activities.

So here's to college and graduation and savoring every moment!

P.S. Lots of love for Clemson for bringing the National Championship home to the ACC! It feels kind of weird that the Pack came one kick away from beating the team that would go on to win it all...

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