10 Things I Love About Small Farming Towns

ONE // The sunrise over a tobacco field

TWO // Hole-in-the-wall diners where old farmers gather around coffee to one-up each other on how early they woke up

THREE // Tractor traffic jams

FOUR // Waving at your neighbors driving down the road

FIVE // Pastry dinner fundraisers at the Baptist church up the road

SIX // "Ya want more tea, 'baby?'" or "hon'" or "love" or "sweetheart"

SEVEN // Pastures dotted with cows, wheat, and the occasional rusted, broken down tractor

EIGHT // Not worrying about locking your car doors- or your house doors, for that matter

NINE // The smell of dew in the morning, fresh cut hay, and, yes, even the livestock

TEN // Knowing that no matter what shiny things the big cities hold, you have all you could ever need down a gravel road, in the bed of a pickup truck, in grandma's kitchen, or on your front porch

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