One Year

One year ago today, I let a really nice boy, who also happened to be one of my best friends, take me to dinner at the Raleigh Times. It was a rainy Tuesday night and the restaurant had a menu styled like a newspaper. The "headline," though dated for December 10, 1912, read:


That really has nothing to do with my story, but we thought it was cool and if there's a such thing as an omen, I guess you could call that one. By the end of the night, we were officially dating. I was scared to say yes- so much so that I had previously said no twice before. (I gave him a really tough time.) I don't know what I was scared of because I feel the most myself with Harrison than I ever have. I tend to be the opposite of lovey-dovey, especially in public/on social media, but I'll put that aside just for a moment.

Harrison, you are a light to me in so many ways. A lighthouse guiding me when I don't know what to do. A yellow-glowing porchlight that feels like home. A sunrise full of potential and a sunset full of memories. A light from within that brings joy and peace and comfort. You are my greatest adventure, my best friend, and my biggest supporter. You go out of your way for me consistently and I could never thank you enough for everything you've done and continue to do for me. I love, love, love you!

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