When It Comes to Ag, Culver's Gets It Right

My family and I was recently in Charlotte and saw a restaurant next to IKEA that we had never tried before- Culver's. We decided to grab a bite to eat. After all, who can turn down frozen custard? Well, at least my dad and I can't.

Upon walking in, there were a few things that caught my attention: a few really cute paintings of roosters and other farm animals that I would love to have in my apartment and a whole lot of pro-agriculture information! A note on the door, a framed statement on the wall, the side of the kid's meal bag... Everything about the place said, "We love farmers!" and I knew I was in the right place.

You see, so many companies these days have turned to criticizing (and worse) the methods farmers use to produce our food. I welcome debate and peaceful disagreement, but many companies (looking at you, Chipotle) use tactics that scare consumers away from conventionally produced food. Here's what you need to know about conventional agriculture and food:


If you would rather eat organic food, that's great and I respect that choice! But don't think it is any safer, or healthier, for that matter, than conventional food. Because it's not

Conventional food is safe and healthy. Conventional food is safe and healthy. Conventional food is safe and healthy. I will say it until I'm blue in the face. 

By claiming things like "organic is better for you" or "conventional farming is ruining the environment," companies are planting very dangerous and false ideas into consumers head. They are teaching people that farmers and agriculturalists have no regard for human or environmental health, when the exact opposite is true. 

To see a restaurant thanking farmers for their hard work and what they provide us with is so encouraging. They are spreading a message that says "Farmers work hard to give us an abundant and healthy food supply," which is true. Their message takes out debate and disagreement and says that no matter what you believe or choose to purchase, farmers are working hard for you.

So, Culver's- thank you. Thank you for supporting those that put in countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears to put food on America's tables. Thank you for getting it right when it comes to agriculture in a world that is quick to demonize it. Thank you for your commitment to agriculture education so we can raise a generation that is grateful for our agriculturalists and agricultural community!

Check out Culver's commitment to America's farm families here!

Find your closest Culver's here- if you're close go check it out! Their burgers are pretty darn good!

(P.S. This post is not sponsored or anything like that! I was just compelled to publicly thank a company for their commitment to agriculture!)

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