September Goals

We're a few days into a new month, but it's never too late to set goals! After making more progress in August than I have in past months, I'm feeling ready to cross off even more in September!

August Goals Recap
- Create wedding album // This didn't even get touched!
- Organize closet // Yes! I finally got all my clothes put away in their permanent homes.
- Paint & stain // Yes! Harrison actually finished this up for me, but it needed to get done regardless. The only things left is the staining the edges of the trim on our door frame to the kitchen/living room.
- Write/blog // I'll call this a win! I didn't quite stick to a schedule, but I started posting more, which feels really good!
- 2018 photo organization // Done! It's great to have those pictures culled and in a place where I can enjoy them.
- 2018 photo book // Also done! It was easy once I had the organization done to pick out my favorites and throw them in a book from Snapfish.
- Complete all workouts // Not even close, unfortunately!
- Do something for Harrison every week // I'll call this a half win.
- Budget check-in weekly // I started strong in the first half of the month then tapered off.
- 3 bottles of water daily // Unfortunately, no.
- Write the Word journal daily // Didn't stick to this one as much as I would have wanted to.
- Stick to cleaning schedule // Nope, so I ended up frantically cleaning the two days before my family came to visit.
- No frivolous purchases each day // A few days this was a win, but I still bought some "wants," instead of just "needs."

- Create and use a content calendar
- Create our wedding album
- Work on organizing our corner room
- Update YNAB weekly
- Move my body 4x per week
- Stick to our daily cleaning schedule
- Do my devotional each day

It's a much thinner list this month, but I wanted to focus on a little at a time this month to make some serious progress!

Do you have any goals for September?

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