Our House Wish/To-Do List

Last November, we started renovating our house! Harrison worked so hard on it between then and the wedding to make it ready for us in May and it turned out so so good. All the big things were done and it has turned into such a cozy home for the two of us. There are a few things we haven't gotten to yet that are on my long-term goals list:

  • An entryway/console table for the living room // This is the last piece of furniture we need in the living room!

  • A new sliding screen door // Ours is torn.

  • New shutters // this is going to happen sooner rather than later! Shutters make such a big impact on a house and ours are fairly dated.

  • A new front & carport door // We have a door from Harrison's childhood home that hopefully will work for our front door!

  • Bushes/shrubs/landscaping in the front // I've always thought of bushes like the teeth of a house, lol. We tore out old, scraggly boxwoods and need something new now that it has cooled down.

  • Edging for a flower bed in the back // We had a patio poured, which is awesome, but now we need edging to make a flower bed!

  • Patio furniture // This will make us so much more apt to use our patio.

  • A fence // We are planning on fencing in our backyard so Sailor can run without us worrying about her.

  • Office furniture // The office space needs to be cleaned out before we can do this, and I think Harrison has some stuff we can use, but I'm excited to put this room together!

  • Finish painting the laundry room and pantry doors // This is the only room we didn't get to.

  • Finish staining the beam // We're so close on this one!

  • Caulk our shower // Some of the grout cracked in our shower, so we need to caulk it.

  • Add stair railings to our porches // For looks and safety!

  • Get new closet doors // The dark wood ones don't quite match the pretty white trim!

  • New ceiling fan for the office // The one in there is a bit dated.

Having a fixer-upper is a lot of fun, but the projects are never-ending it seems. It has been really cool to put things together how we want them, though. I'm excited to prioritize this list and get everything finished so we can photograph our home!

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