2020 in Focus

2020 is HERE! I am so excited for what this year holds for me and Harrison and our life together. Last year, my word of the year was sow. I wanted to plant seeds to give me a strong future and to approach all the changes I faced on a firm foundation.

This year, I want to take those seeds that I planted, and help them flourish. I want to be firmly planted in my life, home, and community. I want to be ROOTED.

I took some time to think about what I want to accomplish this year and what will help me to become rooted. My 2020 goals are:

Organize all my photos & create albums

I want to preserve and enjoy all of my memories to be able to pass them down one day.

Create a life-giving home

I want my home to be warm and welcoming, a place of refuge for me and Harrison. I want to be able to enjoy our belongings and each other within the walls of our home.

Make healthy choices everyday

My health matters and I want to focus on that this year.

Dive deeper into God's word

I feel God pulling me closer to Him and I want to foster that.

Love Harrison well

I want our marriage to flourish and be the biggest part of the legacy we leave behind.

Establish routines

I want to be able to easily take care of the necessities so I have time to enjoy what makes my heart happy.

Finish my Master's degree

I think this one speaks for itself!

Do you have goals or resolutions for 2020? Check out the goal planner I use!

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