Our Wedding Website

I was really excited to make our wedding website, even though I didn't end up putting much into it.

I wrote up a little blurb for our love story, which actually felt pretty awkward, put in pictures of our wedding party, and uploaded some photos of us, which is how it stayed for a while until we nailed down more details!

I used The Knot to create my wedding website. The theme I picked was created by Minted. They have themes that can match your invitations, but we just picked one that complemented the color scheme we chose.

After picking hotel blocks I filled in that information, and also included some of our favorite local places to give our guests an idea of what they could do if they got into town early.

We added a small blurb about each of us since we both had some family that hadn't met the other yet.

Overall, our wedding website was extremely easy to make! We paid $40 for our custom URL to be active for two years—it was $20 for one year—because we (read: I) wanted to be able to look at it again... which I haven't done except for grabbing these screenshots!

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