Our Save the Dates

Something I was super excited to do was design our save the dates. I wanted to do it myself to save some money and to put my own personal spin on things. Once we got our engagement photos back from our photographer, I got to work picking out which ones I wanted to use.

Using my very basic Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills, I converted my handwriting to a vector format and added some other text to each photo we considered using. We finally settled on this one!

Then we decided which format to send them in. I ruled out magnets pretty quickly due to cost and originally I wanted to send them as postcards (I LOVE postcards!). However, I started considering damage in transit and, the ultimate deal breaker, postcard stamps. There are no cute postcard stamps out there, y'all! (USPS, if you're reading this, please make some!) You can use regular stamps on a postcard, but postcard stamps are around $0.20 less and I couldn't justify that waste. I decided if we're going to use regular stamps, we're going to send regular cards!

We printed our save the dates with Basic Invite. I searched "upload" in the search bar, which pulled up all the 'upload your own' options. The ones titled for weddings specifically tended to be a few cents more than others the same size for different events, so make sure to consider all the options- they're all the same, anyway!

I used their signature matte paper and did this with enough time to order a sample so I could see what they looked like. We paid a little extra to put another photo and a note on the back of ours (we included our wedding website link and other information). Basic Invite offers guest and return addressing for free, so we chose that option.

We mailed our save the dates (with their cute stamps- I bought out our post office of the Love stamps!) in late October, about 7 months before our wedding. I was very happy with the cost and quality from Basic Invite.

If you have any questions about creating your own save the dates, how I did ours, or any other specifics, please let me know!

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