January Recap & February Goals

It seems like January took forever and flew by all at the same time. I have so far really enjoyed the first month of 2021, even though I feel like I'm kind of trying to keep my head above water. I have so many thoughts and ideas and to-do's running around my head and many times when I get like that, I tend to become paralyzed and not do anything. I hope my February goals help me to pare down and get to the heart of the things I want to achieve.

On my calendar in February:

— A fun weekend in Pigeon Forge with some of our close friends

— Our first processing appointment for Westward Farms lamb

— Celebrating Harrison's 26th birthday

— Hopefully another ski trip

What I'm loving right now:

The Office Ladies podcast is entertaining Harrison and I on long drives and in the kitchen while we're cooking or cleaning. We're both huge fans of The Office, so hearing the behind the scenes stories and reliving the hilarious moments with two people who were in it is making me want to purchase NBC's streaming service so we can watch it again!

My Heart of the Farm planner is keeping me organized. I have the weekly version and it has so many useful extras, like meal planning sheets, priorities and goal setting, and more.

NYX Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Color in Sugar Pie. I've been looking for a plumping lip balm for a while and really really wanted to love the Buxom Power-full Plumping Lip Balm in Dolly Fever, but the color didn't last quite long enough to justify the price. At under half of what the Buxom costs, the NYX lasts longer and is a little bit bolder. I just wish it wasn't quite so tingly, but it's not drying either.

What I read in January:

Things You Save in a Fire: This was a really sweet book, if not a little predictable. It was a great quick read, though, if you're looking for a romantic book with an easy-to-like main character.

Firefly Lane: What the first book may have lacked in substance, this one made up for plus some! This was a very touching book that I couldn't put down. I would highly recommend this one!

February goals:

— No spending this month! I really like that February is an exact 4 weeks, which makes it appealing to me to start this goal. I'm aiming to not purchase anything personal or unnecessary this month. I've already bought Harrison's birthday gifts and have everything I need to complete a few projects, so I should be set! The only thing I can foresee myself needing is perhaps some mascara, which I consider a necessity 😉

— Complete 3 Peloton workouts each week

— Jump back into my Bible reading plan

— Journal each day

— Focus on establishing a morning routine and making the most of the time before work

— Sort through and organize 2020 photos

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