February 2022 Goals

 I can't believe we're already a month and a half into 2022! I jumped back into using Powersheets this year (you can see my 2022 goals here!), and I'm glad I did. January didn't go perfectly (thanks COVID), but I definitely made some progress... especially in the baby preparation category!

On my calendar in February:
— Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference in Raleigh (this has already happened since I'm writing this so late!)
— Harrison's trip to Kansas
— Celebrating Valentine's Day and Harrison's birthday... a bit modified since he'll be in Kansas during both
— More doctor's appointments... and a prenatal massage I booked for myself!

Revisiting my January goals:
— Date night (We never made it on a set date, but we spent quite a bit of time together)
Make progress on Baby J action steps (I didn't check them all off, obviously, but I made great progress!)
Read 1 book (I didn't finish the book (Cribsheet by Emily Oster), but I'm still counting it as complete)
Call pediatricians (Done! I found one that I'm planning on using for Baby J)
Have my baby shower (It was such a great afternoon, despite being rescheduled!)
Complete my annual BFF survey (Now I need to set a goal to put it to use!)
— Check in on Mint weekly (I only made 1 week, but I caught up)
— 100 oz. of water per day (Definitely didn't make it to 100 oz. each day, but I did try to keep up with my water intake)
— 20-minute clean up each day
Line a Day journal
— Daily Bible reading

February goals:
— Finish birth class
— Pack hospital bags
— Make freezer meals & stock up on essential items
— Clean our house
— Have my car detailed & install our carseat
— Organize the nursery
— Make returns
— Finish thank you notes
— Finish Cribsheet
— Finalize maternity leave plan
— Weekly budget check-in
— Bible and prayer each day
— Walk or move my body each day
— Line a Day journal
— Drink 80 oz. of water daily

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