About Taylor

Hi! My name is Taylor and I'm so glad you've found my little corner of the internet. This is a space where I hope you feel welcomed and understood, like we're sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee, surrounded by piles of laundry and the other spoils of motherhood, chatting about life. Small talk has never been my thing; I want to jump right into the nitty-gritty.

I am a wife, mom, farmer, older sister, strong Type-A personality, and most importantly, someone who deeply loves (and is deeply loved by) the Lord. All of these things combine to make me who I am, and who you'll find in the pages you read here. I truly feel honored that you would spend even a fraction of your time reading what I have to say. 

So you can get to know me a little bit more, here are some fun facts about me:
  • My husband, daughter, and I live and work on the family farm in Iredell County, NC
  • I was formerly a 4-H Agent and adore the 4-H program
  • I work from home now, a change that allowed me to better balance work and life
  • We have a beagle, Sailor, that I got while in college; she has been with me through so many of life's ups and downs
  • I'm originally from eastern NC and I miss the barbeque every. single. day.
  • I am a project starter, but not always a project finisher (I will abandon something before I fail at it or do it imperfectly, a trait I am working hard to overcome)

And finally, here are some things I adore:
  • Watching my daughter grow and become her own person
  • Sunrises (but not waking up to see them)
  • Cooler summer nights with fireflies and crickets chirping
  • Exploring the USA
  • French toast
  • A good pair of slippers
  • Snow days
  • Watching my sheep graze in the late evening
  • Discovering new music

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