Welcome to Grace & Grain Bins!

Things look a little different around here! For a while I was writing as Positively Taylor, a brand that I developed as an extension of myself, and one that is still close to my heart and hard to transition away from. But, I've had quite a few new seasons here lately, so I figured my personal brand and blog deserved one, too. So, without further adieu...

Welcome to Grace & Grain Bins!

I've always like to write and tell stories, mostly to document my own journey. But now, as a farmer's wife (or am I a farmer, too? Post on that coming soon!) my story is intertwined with another... agriculture's. You see, I live on what most people outside of ag would consider a "factory farm." I want, through writing about my everyday, to try to expose the truth about farming

It's a crazy, not-normal, never-dull life, y'all... and I only have 4 months of marriage to, plus 2.5 years of dating a farmer to know that. I hope that what I have to say, as insignificant as it might be, makes people think: about where their food comes from and about the good stuff in life. 

So, if you choose to follow along, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You'll see a lot of farming, and some other stuff, too. I can't talk about just agriculture all the time! There will be a lot of wedding stuff for the next few months, as I document our planning and wedding day. If you're getting married, you may find this useful. If you're not, grin and bear it! 

You can read here to learn a little more about me and the meaning behind the name Grace & Grain Bins. You can read here to learn about about Westward Farms, although I plan to have Harrison (hi, babe!) to write about the history of the farm in a little more detail in the coming weeks.

You can follow along on Facebook, Instagram, or my personal Instagram, as well as email me at graceandgrainbins@gmail.com! Thanks again for reading!

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