1st Trimester Recap

I'm actually closing in on the end of the second trimester, but just realized I never posted a first tri recap! Thankfully it wasn't too difficult to reflect back on what all happened because I was keeping pretty good notes in my bump book!

How I found out:

I actually took a test after only a day late because I knew there was a possibility. It must have been still too early because my cheap dollar store test came back negative! After a few more days of waiting, I took another the morning of July 5th and that was a very clear positive! 

How I told Harrison:

I had a few things purchased ahead of time because I knew we were going to try to start a family soon. I'm glad that I did because I couldn't wait at all to tell him! I set up the little display below in one of the kitchen cabinets and acted as if I was cooking breakfast. I asked him to get a bowl and when he opened the cabinet, he said, "Are you pregnant!?" I was shaking and he was in shock! I have it on video but did a horrible job positioning the camera... we are out of the frame for 99% of it. Plus, he's in his underwear 🤣 I, in fact, did not cook breakfast and we went through the Hardee's drive through to celebrate, ha!


We had to hide it from a lot of people! 

  • I went to the NC State 4-H Horse Show at 4 weeks and cried at the National Anthem, which made several people suspicious. I actually told Lori because I couldn't hold it in! 
  • We went to Connor & Hunter's wedding, which was easier than I thought! That was the very beginning of my symptoms, so I tried my best to take it easy. The bartender fixed me gin & tonics, minus the gin, all night.
  • We went to the beach with my family. I drank seltzer waters in a koozie, which my cousins caught on to.
  • We went on a trip to the mountains with college friends. They tried to peer pressure me into a keg stand, but I managed to get out of it. We told a few friends we don't get to see often after that incident!
Doctors appointments:
We had only 2 appointments in the 1st tri, which ended on September 1st. We had a general appointment with one of the nurses to go over our health history and we had our dating scan. Seeing baby J for the first time was unbelievable. It looked so much more like a little person than I anticipated. My due date was officially set at March 10, 2022. Harrison was not anticipating an internal ultrasound, so that gave me a laugh.

Telling our families was so much fun. I am almost as excited for them to become grandparents as I am for us to become parents. Everyone was (and is) so excited and I know this baby is already so loved.

Feeling so tired all the time was difficult. Also, I was so anxious to make it to the second trimester because I was terrified everyday of losing the pregnancy. I wish I could have relaxed some about that.

I was feeling great up until week 7-8. I started to get nauseous and had about two weeks of needing to eat crackers in bed before getting up in the mornings. I didn't have any intense cravings, but I did find myself wanting fruit. It was honestly more like the one thing I could eat, rather than a craving. I lost a few pounds because there were so many things that I just didn't want. Namely coffee, french fries, and chicken. Very few other things sounded appetizing at any given time.

Overall thoughts and feelings:
Knowing that I am growing a whole human is INCREDIBLE. Those weeks of seeing which body parts are developing makes all the bad stuff worth it.

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