2nd Trimester Bumpdate


I can't believe two-thirds of my pregnancy has already flown by! I have overall really enjoyed the second trimester. Now I'm looking forward to making final preparations for Baby J's arrival!

Highlights: I definitely understand why I've heard so many people call the 2nd tri the "honeymoon period!" It was almost as soon as I hit 13 weeks that all my first trimester symptoms went away. That was a bit unsettling at first but I certainly didn't mind the return of my energy and appetite. We got to see our little babe twice at our anatomy scans. I think I had a little too much sugar before the first one because baby was moving all over the place! The ultrasound tech couldn't get a good look at a few organs. We went for a second one and everything looked good!

Feeling kicks is amazing! I felt movement for the first time sitting in the waiting room at my regular doctor's office. They were a bit inconsistent at first, but have gotten stronger and more routine over time. I loved seeing Harrison feel a kick for the first time, as well as the rest of my family at Thanksgiving.

Lowlights: Things have gotten a bit more difficult towards the end of this trimester! My regular clothes definitely don't fit anymore, rolling over in bed is a struggle, as well as bending over and putting on my socks, ha! Heartburn has picked up towards the end of 2nd tri, too. Overall, though, it has been much easier and enjoyable than the first!

Checked off the list: We have a few major things purchased! We have a crib, mattress, bassinet, and car seat. I've started going through everything and organizing it a bit better. I have all of the clothes we have so far in a laundry basket to be washed in the upcoming weeks.

Left to do: Lots! We have a nursery theme picked, but need to move around some furniture, get a rug, hang curtains, pick a color for the changing table and paint it, and do a bunch of other stuff.

Things I'm excited for: I booked both maternity and newborn photos! My baby shower is in late January. I scheduled a 3D ultrasound for the morning of my baby shower so that our moms and sisters could come along.

Maternity clothes: Some of my favorite items lately have been...

On my mind:

  • How much baby has grown and how much growing he or she has left to do! The skin on my upper belly is starting to get pretty tight, so I'm being really consistent with moisturizing and trying to prevent dryness and stretch marks as much as I can.
  • That we are in the homestretch! We are planning on doing quite a bit the week after Christmas to get the nursery ready which will make me feel more at ease.
  • How this baby has to get out of my body somehow, ha! I have listened to a ton of birth story podcasts and have started thinking about creating a list of birth preferences. I hesitate to call it a plan because I don't want to set myself up for expectations that might not happen.
  • What life is going to be like after Baby J is here. It will be different in so many ways, so I want to prepare as best as I can now for what it will be like, but you can just never know!

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