2021 in Review

 As I was putting together this post, I realized how few big things we did... and how okay I am with that! It was a much slower year, especially at the beginning, and my pictures reflect that. There is a lot more of our everyday life and I love how that reflects on what we achieved. The first half of the year was marked by quite a bit of time at home and the second half was marked by the preparations for having a baby in March.

Overall, I loved reflecting on all that happened in 2021. While there was still much uncertainty and fear in the world, but truly looking back, I didn't let any of that affect me or my outlook on the year. I feel so much joy looking back, and I know that can only be attributed to my faith and family. I found so much peace in myself and my situation this past year, even with a lot of improvement still to be made on trusting fully in God's plan. My hopes for 2022 are high!


We took a few trips to the mountains, Harrison received the Innovative Young Farmer of the Year award, and we had many chilly days on the farm.


We went to Gatlinburg with a few friends and woke up to snow on the last day, which was such a treat. We had one of our lambs processed and it almost feels silly how proud I was (and still am) about it. February was the start of a couple pretty intensive management months with the sheep, Harrison turned 26, and I visited a few of my friends at one of their new homes!


Lots of new babies hit the ground and Cassie and a couple of her friends came to visit, topped off by a chilly, early spring boat ride... one of my favorite things!


We celebrated Easter, got planters into the fields, celebrated Erin's birthday, and I took graduation photos at ECU of Cassie and her friends.


We went to a Kentucky Derby day party at a friend's house, spent a lot of time getting seed in the ground, my flower garden started producing well, and we took many Jeep rides.


We weaned lambs, dealt with a grasshopper problem in one of our fields, took a belated 2nd anniversary trip to Bryson City, and I shipped a TON of candles!


We spent the 4th of July on the water, found out we are having our first baby in March, celebrated the marriage of Connor and Hunter, and took an amazing trip to the mountains with friends from college.


We had our first ultrasound and announced our pregnancy to our family and friends and started combining corn.


We had Dove Day at the farm, I turned 26, took more announcement photos, went car seat shopping, and saw Erin and Megan show their heifers at the Wilson County Fair.


Our friends Chase and Celeste got married at the farm, we took a day trip to the mountains to see the leaves, spent a lot of time combining, and I saw my friend Audrey at the State Fair... we share a due date!


More time in the field, my family came to visit, I turned 25 weeks on Thanksgiving, and we went hunting in Virginia. I also travelled to both Louisville and Memphis.


We napped and recuperated from a busier few weeks, celebrated Christmas, worked on the nursery, and had a lovely date night in Charlotte.

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