What Finals Week is Really Like

When you go to a review session and no one has any clue what the professor is talking about:

After studying for 20 minutes:
college the office mindy kaling im smart dumb

Sitting in your exam like:
kim kardashian dumb clueless i have no idea what im doing college

Hour 12 in the library looks a lot like this:
coffee sex and the city carrie bradshaw satc guns

Emailing your professor asking for help like:
sorry adele im sorry music video hello

When you open your exam and see the first question:

Turning in an exam you know you killed:
beyonce flawless on fleek hair flip

Proper nutrition isn't even a choice:
pizza maya rudolph college

Coming home after taking 2 exams in one day:
falling bridesmaids couch melissa mccarthy

When someone asks you how your chemistry exam went:
football nfl houston texans jj watt not in my house

When you've hit your breaking point:
vodka done with finals party american horror story school

When your final grade is 1 point away from an A:

When it's finally over:
the incredibles finals week final exams dash incredible

Good luck y'all! Only a few days left. You can do it!

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